In 2013, IRS got caught playing politics.
Over four years later, the fallout continues for the agency. The Service got itself into the mess by improperly targeting mainly conservative groups that were seeking 501(c)(4) tax-exempt status from IRS to be categorized as social welfare organizations.
An ongoing court case poses a pesky issue. Organizations that claim their exemption applications were excessively scrutinized have been fighting IRS in a contentious court battle. In the latest development, the court has ordered the Service to give its reasons for delays in processing the groups’ applications for tax exemption. In addition, the court wants IRS to name agency employees who were involved in those decisions. The plaintiffs are claiming a victory. We will see how the government responds.
Some House GOPers want the Justice Dept. to look again at Lois Lerner. She’s the past director of IRS’s exempt organizations division and was a key player in the politicking scandal. In 2014, House Republicans accused her of impropriety, but the DOJ under then-President Obama chose not to bring charges against her.