Be wary of phone calls that purport to be from IRS. The Revenue Service continues to issue warnings about a nationwide phone scam regarding taxes. The callers, who claim to be IRS employees, will often alter the caller ID readout to make it look as if the agency really is calling. Victims are being told they owe taxes and must pay up fast, usually through a wire transfer or a prepaid debit or gift card. They are threatened with arrest, deportation, foreclosure or loss of driver’s licenses. Seniors and low-income individuals are especially at risk from these scams. IRS doesn’t make unsolicited calls to people to tell them they owe taxes or are due refunds. It contacts taxpayers first by mail. If you get one of these calls, don’t give out any information. Hang up immediately and notify Treasury inspectors at 800-366-4484. In addition, file a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission at the FTC Complaint Assistant on and note “IRS telephone scam.”