IRS is accepting electronically filed amended returns for the 2019 tax year.
Individuals can use tax software to e-file Form 1040-X to amend a 2019 1040
or 1040-SR that was filed electronically. If the original 2019 return was filed on paper, then you must use paper filing for the amended return. Ditto for 2019 amended returns that reflect a different Social Security number or filing status from that shown on the original return. Amended returns for earlier years must also be filed on paper. E-filing an amended return won’t speed up IRS processing of the form. It can take up to 16 weeks to process e-filed and paper returns. To check the status of a filed amended return, use the “Where’s My Amended Return” tool on IRS’s website, or call the automated phone line at 866-464-2050 three weeks after filing the return.

E-File 2019 Amended Return

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