There are a lot of tax breaks for buyers of business vehicles under the tax laws. The annual depreciation caps for passengers autos rise a bit 2021. If bonus depreciation is claimed, the first-year ceiling is $18,200 for new and used cars first put into service this year. The second and third year caps are $16,400 and $9,800. After that… $5,860. If no bonus depreciation is taken, the first-year cap is $10,200.

Buyers of heavy SUVs used solely for business can write off the full cost, thanks to bonus depreciation. SUVs must have a gross weight rating over 6,000 ponds. Also up to 100% of the cost of a big pickup truck can be expensed. When expensing business assets, the amount expensed can not exceed taxable income from the taxpayer’s business. Bonus depreciation does not have this limit. Leasing a vehicle to use in your business is much cheaper tax wise in 2021. If a car that is worth more than $51,000 is first leaded for business during the year, the lessee must pay income tax each year on an amount spelled out in IRS tables. For example, on a three-year lease for a $75,000 car with a lease term staring in 2021, you reduce the size of your tax deductions for the monthly payments on the vehicle by $8 in 2021, $18 the next year and $26 in 2023.

Business Vehicle Tax Breaks

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