Mixed news for taxpayers under the new bipartisan infrastructure law:

The employee retention tax credit (ERC) is no more. Lawmakers ended it early. This federal payroll tax break helped businesses that were financially hurt by the coronavirus pandemic, but kept paying wages to their employees. The credit was slated to end at year-end, but the law moved up the expiration date to September 30th.

There is a tax reporting on virtual currency. Cash is defined more broadly to include cryptocurrency for purposes of the rule that businesses file Form 8300 to report cash of over $10,000 received from customers. And brokers and exchanges will have to report sales price and other information on digital currency trades.

Firms with pension plans will get more time to make up for underfunding in the plans. A revenue-raising item in the infrastructure law rejiggers interest rates the pension plans use to discount their liabilities and compute required contributions. This provision raises revenue because employer deductions for payins  will be lower.

The Tax-Court-Petition filing deadline is extended in certain instances if the court is otherwise unable to accept petitions filed electronically or by paper.

Bipartisan Infrastructure Law

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