How much does tax problem resolution service cost?

We have a price list menu.  We can give you a price range during the initial consultation.  We will take a retainer up front, and bill to that first.  As we find out more information about your case, we can tell you more precisely how much your case will cost.

Which tax resolution settlement option is best for me?

It all depends on the facts and circumstances of your case.  Do you have assets?  Do you have income?  How old is the tax debt?

Do I have to disclose all income and assets?

Normally you have to disclose all in a tax resolution case.  However; if you qualify under a certain provision of the Fresh Start Program, your case can be settled without disclosing either.

How long does it take to settle my tax resolution case?

We have settled some in a day or two, and others can take multiple years.

How do I get an IRS levy lifted from my paycheck or bank account?

You must first have all past returns filed, then arrange a settlement option with the IRS.  In some cases of hardship, they will even release funds that were taken under the levy.

Can I get IRS penalties waived?

Yes.  There are multiple scenarios that will allow for penalty abatement.  This is part of our tax resolution service.