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Over the last several years, we have had many new clients come our way. One of the first questions we are asked is how to prepare to meet with TallyTaxMan?

We have prepared two very simple forms that will help you and our staff make the most of your time and energy when it comes to preparing your income tax return.

Simply click on the folder labeled “New Client Data Form” and save it to your documents folder on your computer. This information will be kept in our our secure database and under strictest confidentiality.

You may also find our “Expense Categories” spreadsheet helpful in preparing your information to send to TallyTaxMan. Again, simply click on the folder labeled “Expense Categories” and save it to your computer.

Once you have completed the document you can save it and email it to:
info @ Tallytaxman .com (without the spaces) or you may fax it to our office at 866-868-8951.